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"naked aggession"

dubya's naked aggression; "bliar's" hair standing
"all for the love of a toreador"


george bush sr in 1991 re: Iraq's annexation of Kuwait:
"There is no place for this sort of naked aggression in today's world. . ."

face of a mass murderer
bush lied thousands died

Back in 1991 my own contention was that george sr was more concerned with Saddam naked than he was with the "naked aggression" against Kuwait.
An NYC cabbie, having listened to my expounding for the entire cab ride, said in conclusion "You think george wants to DO Saddam!?"  to which I responded:    I KNOW GEORGE WANTS TO DO SADDAM
Now 12 years later dubya, who is neither as intelligent or as convoluted as his father, is strutting the world stage in his "all together" and the "naked aggression" is HIS.  He not only wants to DO Saddam he wants the entire world to act as voyeur.
Lucky for me I am descended from Lady Godiva!!