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Fallujah Flushes Two-Headed Snake

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fallujah massacre

Cracks appear in UK/US Iraq policy as Fallujah Battle Resumes
14/04/2004 13:43:00
US forces in Iraq have used F16 fighter planes to bomb the Nizal neighbourhood in Falluja whilst cracks have surfaced in the US/UK led Iraq CPA. Aljazeera Story

Response to Bush press conference:

Although he rejected the analogy between Iraq and Vietnam, George W. Bush is closely following the script of Johnson and Nixon during the Vietnam War. While predicting that the U.S. would be ultimately victorious, the administration is in fact desperately preparing for an escalation, including the sending of more troops to suppress the rebellion in Iraq. In fact, Bush announced tonight (April 13) that he is ready to send thousands more U.S. troops to Iraq. He denied that the rebellion in Iraq was based on a popular insurgency. He also admitted that the original rationale provided for the war - the elimination of Iraq's purported weapons of mass destruction - was no longer the stated reason for the U.S. invasion [covering his tracks by revisionist history]. A.N.S.W.E.R. has always argued that the elimination of Iraq's so-called weapons arsenal was simply a pretext for an imperial foreign policy objective.

This is altogether reminiscent of the conduct of the Johnson and Nixon administrations during Vietnam. They lied to the people about the purpose of the war, the conduct of the war, endlessly tried to assuage public opinion by promising that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and as the adventure encountered the stiff resistance of the Vietnamese people, they were compelled to regularly increase the number of troops sent to the conflict.

Bush's speech tonight espoused the worst kind of national chauvinism and racism. He asserted that the ongoing assault against the Iraqi people is part of the struggle by the "civilized world" against the Iraqi insurgents.

Bush is trying to convince the people of the United States that U.S. military operations in Iraq are directed against a small number of "fanatics" and "terrorists." He said that the war, which has taken tens of thousands of lives, was justified even though he admitted that no weapons of mass destruction had been found. The new rationale for this war of aggression, according to Bush, was that "we're changing the world."
BUT NOT FOR THE BETTER -- unless of course you are of the bushies' mentality that says 40,000 dead Arabs IS for the better.