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After the War is Over. . .
Swatting WASPS
Adding Insult
"They just keep coming. . ."
Iraq for the real Iraqis
Leaving by the small door. . .
Swatting WASPS
ChickenHawks Chicken
United Nations versus NATO
Scheming warmongers

"With God's help,
 about 100 of the
Omar battle lions
 laid an ambush Monday
 for the soldiers of Satan,
 the Americans,
 in Al-Saqlawiya region,
 west of Baghdad,"
 said the statement signed by Tawhid al Jihad's military wing.

"Thanks be to God,
the toll was
two helicopters down,
 including an MH-47 Chinook,
 and two Humvees destroyed with their occupants on board. . ."