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After the War is Over. . .
Adding Insult
Adding Insult
"They just keep coming. . ."
Iraq for the real Iraqis
Leaving by the small door. . .
Swatting WASPS
ChickenHawks Chicken
United Nations versus NATO
Scheming warmongers

This page is a silent lullaby
for all the tiniest victims
of dubya's criminal assault on Iraq.

"Lift up thy voice like a trumpet
and show my people their transgressions."

usofa adds insult to injury

[I believe the Iraqis should bury the 25,000 teddy bears with all the other 40,000+ victims of dubya's criminal assault on Iraq.  Symbolic of his Mass Murder of Iraqis.]

Can you believe ?????
         First we starve to death half the babies in Iraq
         then we go over there and kill off
         the parents of many others
         and now we send the orphans teddy bears.
         Unbelievable but true

Teddies insult full story

HO HO HO and a Merry Christmas

And we blame it ALL on Saddam . . .
“According to CARE estimates, there are now 30,000 orphans in Iraq . . .
Their parents were killed by Saddam, as a result of the war, etc.
It was only natural that we extend this program to Iraq.”

THE Legitimate Authority in IRAQ
Restore the Legitimate Government of IRAQ

Scheming of the warmongers knows no bounds.