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After the War is Over. . .
Iraq for the real Iraqis
Adding Insult
"They just keep coming. . ."
Iraq for the real Iraqis
Leaving by the small door. . .
Swatting WASPS
ChickenHawks Chicken
United Nations versus NATO
Scheming warmongers

Iraqi governor killed, Green Zone hit



u·surp   Audio pronunciation of "usurper" ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (y-sūrp, -zūrp)
v. u·surped, u·surp·ing, u·surps
v. tr.
  1. To seize and hold (the power or rights of another, for example) by force and without legal authority. See Synonyms at appropriate.
  2. To take over or occupy without right: usurp a neighbor's land.

v. intr.
To seize another's place, authority, or possession wrongfully.

"Right can and will
  triumph over might"

Saddam Hussein, President and Prime Minister IRAQ
Alive, well and on plan!! Thanks be to GOD

"I think the resistance is bigger than the US military in Iraq.

I think the resistance is

more than 200,000 people"

full story

"The army was hundreds of thousands. You would expect some veterans would join with their relatives, each one has sons and brothers."   Mujahadeen

"The Iraqi President brought down  the Great American Satan  with fortitude, wisdom, patience and GRACE
  -- and the greatest of these is GRACE."
Welcome Ramsey Clark for the defense!
he's always BEEN our AG