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IMAGE: British Hostage Kenneth Bigley
Al-Jazeera via Getty Images
British hostage Kenneth Bigley is seen appealing to Prime Minister Tony Blair to save his life.


What if this were some high ranking usofa official?

L. Paul Bremmer for instance.

That is essentially what the usofa is doing to Iraqi

officials -- i.e. "high value detainees."

"What goes around comes around."


What Bremmer is actually doing since returning from Iraq:
BAGHDAD, Iraq (IWR Satire) -- In an effort to raise money to pay for the rising costs of the US Occupation and the restoration of basic services in Iraq, Paul Bremer said today that he would begin selling off Iraq's assets on eBay.

"In order to offset the staggering costs of the Iraq war, President Bush has authorized me to begin selling off Iraq's assets on eBay.

NOT! :0

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