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Crime=Sanctions full story
  By Jude Wanniski
". . .I find that if the sanctions had been lifted in 1991 (when they should have been lifted), Iraq would have earned enormous amounts of money from the sale of their oil. At an average of $10 a barrel of oil (bbl) over 14 years, they would have collected $126 billion.

At a more reasonable average over the period of $15 to $20, the Iraqi government would have been able to pay all its creditors and at the same time enable the Iraqi people to return to the high living standards they enjoyed before the Iran-Iraq war (during which, I repeat, the US supported Iraq)." . . .

Logic should tell you . . .that the neo-cons have been behind this hoax [oilforfood 'scandal'] from the start, that they never intended to lift the sanctions on Iraq even while knowing back in 1991 that Saddam. . . had complied with that . . . UN resolution.

"Stand firm against the wiles
 of the great american satan."

Another "black eye" for the neo-cons