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Make Peace With Saddam
"You are the Apple of mine Eye," saith the Lord.
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rumdum(b) -- no one ever said he was bright
face of a mass murderer

"Make peace with Saddam
 and that's an ORDER,"
 the WORD of the LORD
  "The fact that he is alive is unhelpful,"
 /rumdum(b)/  told a conservative think tank . .



Go to Home PageDECEMBER 15, 2003
One thing is certain the Bush administration must remember that the "victory" achieved in the capture of the ousted leader is only temporary. [President Saddam Hussein remains the duly-elected President of IRAQ.]
As of December 13, 8:30 pm local time Iraq, the legitimacy of the continuation of the occupation has diminished. (

email to: President Saddam Hussein


The criminals, usofa and uk, now have the sovereign leader of another country detained.  It is reported that they are reluctant to identify his LEGAL status -- that is because he is the duly-elected president of Iraq.

President Saddam Hussein
THE legitimate authority in IRAQ
(hey guys, it's HIS country -- even YOU can get that)