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usofa,uk war criminals
Fitting Tribute to dubya's Atrocities


Fitting Tribute to dubya's Atrocities
A Bolt from the Blue
Sodom and Gomorrah
Pan Arab Union For Peace

ROME, Italy (CNN) -- Amid tight security measures, thousands of demonstrators marched through Rome on Friday to protest the visit of President Bush to Italy and that country's participation in the war in Iraq.

Protesters swarmed the streets of central Rome after Bush met with Pope John Paul II, one of the strongest critics of the war. Police estimated the number of demonstrators at 500,000.

Authorities deployed 10,000 police in strategic sites in anticipation of violence. The crowd was boisterous but relatively peaceful.

The protests took place at the Piazza Venezia, the site of Italy's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Bush had been scheduled to lay a wreath at the tomb, but those plans had to be scrapped for security reasons.

Bush instead laid a wreath at Fosse Ardeatine, the site of a World War II atrocity in which Nazis occupying Italy killed 335 men and boys, many of them Jews.

dubya's atrocities in Iraq
are much more of the character of massacre
[in Fallujah alone over 600 Iraqis were massacred visit for a life-changing experience]
 than of heroic justifications.
The entire assault on Iraq
 beginning with the "Shock and Awe" bombing
 of March 20, 2003
 has been criminal.